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Don’t you find it somewhat mysterious how leisure and habit themselves were created? It is as if their existence is a product of a spontaneous reaction – natural and effortless. How human beings came up with these two entities is truly difficult to answer, and all we can do is to formulate various assumptions. For example, one may assume that leisure and habit are one of the necessary products of a world where everyone and everything just move rapidly, serving like an antithesis to stress to maintain nature’s equilibrium. But then again, all of these are just mere speculations; the true origin is yet to be examined.

And when it comes to leisure and habit, playing cards can never be apart from them as though they are inseparable and indivisible. I’m pretty sure that everyone has played at least one card game in their years and years of existence. I mean, who can resist the magical charms of spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs? No wonder why casinos never run out of players and capital. And considering how many card games are already there, the popularity of playing cards is truly un-matchable.

Taking advantage of this fact, online casinos developed an online casino game called Baccarat that gained millions and millions of playing cards fans. It is actually one of the easiest card games, for it only requires a little bit of strategy and tremendous amount of luck. Baccarat has evolved into various versions since the reign of Charles VIII of France, and online casinos have made way for the newest version. Bringing an elite game into the world of video games, a resulting more elite game is quite expected.

The rules are simple: pick the hand (Banker or Player) which has the higher score. If you think neither has it, you can choose Tie. The winnings depend on how much you bet and which hand you picked. When you bet on the player, your winning equals your bet. For example, you bet $5 on the Player. If the Player wins, you get your $5 back with an additional $5. The same goes for the Banker. For the Tie, you get 8 or 9 times your bet.

In the beginning of the game, the Player and the Banker will be given two cards each. The face value of the two cards of each player will be summed up. If the sum of the two face values is equal to or less than 5, the hand may request for another card. If the sum of the cards is greater than 10, the tens digit will not count. For example, the sum is 14, thus the final value will be 4. This is because tens and face cards (King, Queen and Jack) have a value of 0. Ace has a value of 1. Lastly, the suits of the cards don’t matter. The goal is to have the highest value of 9.


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